Tango Public Relations | Early 2021 front page
Oklahoma's Hispanic Public Relations firm
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Early 2021 front page

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We are a team of Hispanic Professionals, who decided to dance to the rhythm of Tango…and mambo and sometimes even cha-cha-cha!

Day by day we develop our passion for Public Relations, Marketing and Communications while embracing our culture. That is the main reason why we decided to unite our talents and help companies enter into the ever-growing Hispanic Market.

While uniting the richness and joy of being part of two cultures we will blend our strengths and characteristics, so we can achieve your every goals and requirements by placing your needs as ours.

At Tango Public Relations, we understand the value of commitment, dedication, and patience. These are values that go into every project that we undertake.


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Founded in 2006, Tango Public Relations was created by Jorge and Brenda Hernández; both grew up with the Hispanic Heritage, with values and traditions as a central part of their families.

After realizing the necessity of companies to effectively reach the Hispanic Market, and having years of professional experience in Social Media Communications and PR, they came to a perfect solution for companies and potential customers… they needed a bridge between American and Hispanic Cultures.

That was when the idea of Tango Public Relations was born, as an answer to a necessity that has only been increasing within the years; studying and finding successful solutions to each client specific needs while reaching the Hispanic Market.

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